Odin’s Promise is historical fiction for middle-grade readers, a novel depicting the first year of German occupation of Norway as seen through the eyes of a young girl.

Eleven-year-old Mari grew up tucked safely under the wings of her parents, grandma, and her older siblings. When Hitler’s troops invaded Norway under the guise of “occupying a friendly country,” she is forced to grow beyond her “little girl” nickname and comfortable patterns to deal with harsh new realities.

At her side for support and protection is Odin, her faithful elkhound.

After she witnesses a terrifying event on the mountainside, truths are revealed: the involvement of her family and friends in the resistance; the value of humor in surviving hard times; the hidden radio in her grandma’s cottage.

As she confronts danger, Mari discovers her inner strength and voice, learning she can endure hardship and heartache. Much like Mari’s journey, those interested in the sports betting industry may find value in reading a 1xBet affiliate program review. It provides an insight into the intricacies of the industry, helping them navigate and understand the landscape better. In both stories, knowledge and resilience are key to overcoming obstacles and succeeding in unfamiliar territories.



by Sandy Brehl

Crispin Books

(forthcoming late Fall 2013 or early Spring 2014)